Build commercial-ready APPS, ROBOTS and VIDEO GAMES online using the fundamentals of CODING.
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Worlds#1 STEM Accelerator Taught by Licensed teachers, Masters/ PhD level subject experts and business executives.

  • Access to world’s top business incubators
  • Make money designing video games and robots
  • Launch new products and create a profitable business
Technology to

Grow entrepreneurial skills

This extremely competitive science technology and engineering summer program engages K12 students in using STEM knowledge and application to design solutions to everyday problems. It combines scientific theory with technology research. Students also have an chance to grow their entrepreneurial skills and mindset through designing and launching a real business of their own.

This experience connects students to many of the best entrepreneurial networks and leaders across the world for instruction and best practices. Students will read the most current research or literature in the field they choose to study, draft and execute a detailed proposal and research plan. The culmination of the project is a virtual conference-style video presentation, supported by written reports on their findings.
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Below is the summer program schedule

A seven-week, intensive virtual summer research STEM program

Week 1

Students participate in week-long intensive STEM classes with top professors

Week 2-3

Five-week research internship where students conduct individual projects under experienced mentors who are scientists and researchers

Week 4-7

Students prepare written and oral presentations on their research projects

Meet our core team

John L. Edwards
K12 / Blended learning education expert.
David Mwangi
CEO K-20 Consulting. E-learning consultant, K12 Science educator
Himanshu Sharma
VP US Bank
Expert in Vendor Management, Enterprise Architecture.
Stephen Price
VP of Business Development
Expertise in startups, strategizing for scale and go-to-market Concept validation and market viability
Turki Ahmed
MBA IT Management
PhD student LIU
Computer Engineer

Student Awards

High school students between their junior and senior years may compete for awards of up to $120K. The selection process is very competitive. Although prior research experience is not required, the application is time-intensive and requires essays and a school nomination. Each high school may only nominate a maximum of three students or teams to compete for awards.

Students research with licensed teachers, college faculty and business experts, on a STEM project. High School students will gain valuable experience in STEM and entrepreneurship, while gaining an understanding of how scientific research is performed.
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Research Area

The program consists of hands-on research under the direct guidance of a one-on-one mentor.
Applicants can choose from STEM areas of research (institutes) that include:

Line following robots

Robotic arms

Medical and consumer robotic solutions

This summer we will enroll 200 participants, so selection is competitive

Selection criteria:
  • Math/science teacher recommendations
  • Participation in math/science activities
  • Responses to short-response questions
Students will be required to give a presentation in their high school science class or another appropriate forum,about their research project and program experience upon returning home. This is in addition to their online presentation at the culmination of the program. Preparation of their project for a local or national science fair also will be encouraged.

Teaching formats

Teaching formats include interactive lectures, STEM simulations, business simulations, entrepreneur panels, and the actual design and launch of a company. Lecture and simulation topics cover arrange of business skills and leadership skills that translate directly into practical application.

Edkairos STEM accelerator offers two tracks, STEM Lab and STEM Accelerator, with unique topics for each course. Students are enrolled in just one program during the summer, and the two programs allow students to potentially return for a second summer.

STEM Accelerator

A seven-week, intensive virtual summer research STEM program designed for motivated students to work on a research project under the mentorship of a licensed teacher, doctoral level researcher and business experts.

Innovative courses for all interests, backgrounds, and skill levels are offered in design, coding, game development, robotics and more
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